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Hostinq1 – Domain Name Registration, Web Hosting Services, VPS, Dedicated & Semi-Dedicated Server Solutions.

We’ve created a ZFS–based shared hosting system with SSD–loaded servers and an anti–hack firewall, because we want your websites to be a hit online. Because of the data compression technique that we use to store your website content, your web sites will be served much faster to to your audience. Plus, you will find special anti–virus software and browsable backups, so you take advantage of iron–clad data integrity for your websites and emails.

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Start Today! The Secret of Getting Ahead is Getting Started

Register New Domain Name with Hostinq1. Check out our web hosting platform with a 30-day free of charge trial period. No credit card info required. Start Today!

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1-Click WordPress Installer from Hostinq1.com

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Hostinq1 has added new 1-Click Web Apps Installers and the Frameworks Installers


Hostinq1 - Inquire everything that the web hosting supplier is able to do for YOU.

We devoted a considerable time placing the 3 cornerstones of our hosting business: our shared services platform, the Online Control Panel and our fantastic 24/7 support.

A Unique Cloud Hosting Platform
Engineered by some of the best engineers to be found, our cloud hosting platform works flawlessly regardless of what web site you have there or the amount of concurrent users are browsing your web site. Furthermore, it can experience every DoS attack. That’s why, we can confidently provide you with 99.9% uptime warranty. This means that your web site will stay on the web and will continue to serve all the site visitors no matter what goes on on the server.